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Artist, designer, entrepreneur and all round ‘it’ girl, Maayan Zilberman, is not content with your candy.   Thankfully for us she’s set her sights on rectifying that.

Founder of the acclaimed lingerie line, The Lake and Stars, Maayan launched ‘Sweet Saba‘, in 2015 and has pioneered the market in what she calls ‘candy for grown ups’.


Now, we’re not talking mass produced, saccharine sweet fare here.  Oh no.  Maayan’s delicious concoctions are handmade, hand painted works of art.  Business Insider raved about her candy as ‘stunningly beautiful creations you won’t believe you can eat’.  SweetSaba_Caseettes (1)

There’s a sense of humor about her designs too and a definite nod to old school nostalgia. Deliciously retro candy incarnations of mix tapes and Rolex watches are featured alongside candy lipsticks, crystals and lollipops shaped like sunglasses. With flavors including champagne, wild strawberry, salted watermelon and rose wine, this is not your average sugar fix.



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